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6 Months Smiles & Invisalign in Plano, Texas - Invisible Braces

Looking for an alternative to metal braces? Invisible braces give you options for discreet orthodontics that correct teeth alignment for a more beautiful smile. Adult dental patients no longer have to deal with the inconvenience and appearance of metal braces. If you’ve always wanted straighter, more beautiful teeth, our Six Month Smiles & Invisalign dentistry in Plano can help.

Clear Aligners Options For Adult Dental Patients

6 Months Smiles & Invisalign in Plano, Texas - Invisible BracesBraces aren’t just for teens anymore! At Williams & Sivie, DDS, we’ve treated hundreds of adults who wish to improve their smiles with invisible and tooth-colored orthodontics. Invisible braces can treat instances of crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, and most other alignment problems and won't give you a mouth full of metal. Straight teeth make it easier to look after your oral health, and give you a significant confidence boost. 

Our options for invisible braces include:

Invisalign® - Dr. Nicole Sivie and Dr. Brad Williams are able to straighten patients' teeth using a series of clear, custom, removable aligners from Invisalign®.  Each aligner moves your teeth just a little bit at a time until you reach your ideal smile. Invisalign® is made from smooth plastic and does not use metal components. Your treatment will be nearly invisible to others and comfortable to wear.

Six Month Smiles – This modern orthodontic treatment uses tooth-colored brackets and wires to help straighten your teeth, making it far less visible than traditional braces. Six Month Smiles is considered accelerated adult braces, meaning that most patients reach their treatment goals in an average of six months. These cosmetic braces use low-force movement to give you a more beautiful smile in less time than you think.

With our Plano invisible braces, Drs. Williams and Sivie are able to give patents healthy and beautiful smiles, without metal appliances and the high visibility of regular braces.

An Aesthetic Alternative to Metal Braces in Plano

Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles can treat the same range of problems that metal braces can treat. Invisible braces are also typically comparable in cost to that of metal braces.

For many adult patients, invisible braces are the preferred choice for treatment. Metal braces are often popular with younger patients, but having a mouth full of metal at a mature age can keep adults from seeking treatment. Invisalign® is both removable and invisible, while Six Month Smiles is accelerated, tooth-colored treatment -- both are convenient choices for adults who need braces.

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